Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok, quick rundown of today’s practice. I was a little busy fielding texts and phone calls, so I did the best I could. Bryz and Montoya (NY Rangers helmet with "The Big Cubano" on the back, assuming it's him) were there.
Montoya and the other goalie stayed late and did the scrimmages. Montoya looks like he has some potential, although when it was over, he went to lean on the net and it moved and he fell over. It was quite humorous and smooth. Haha

There was a MN wild player today. I got a quick (read: not good picture) and he was wearing number 3 on his helmet. MissConduct, can you ID him? He looked older and it appeared as if he had a big scar on the left side of his chin. Thanks!
Turris is so slick. And soooo good at everything. Every time I saw something amazing I was like who was that? And it was always Turris.

Jovo left super early and Doan showed up super later. Yandle and DMo were not there at all.

Mueller did this slick pass to Turris. He was spinning in circles (like a dog does when trying to lie down) and had the other team going what the hell and then passed it behind his back across the ice. I was like holy shit, how did he do that??

Carcillo had four guys on him at one point and shoved his way through them all the while still controlling the puck.

Maloney, Trevling (spelling?), Fuhr and new asst coach guy were all in the bleachers. When Carcillo came out and was in front of them, he got this huge grin and saluted them.

If I think of anything else, I will post it! I just had to get all this down before it left my brain, so excuse any fragments and grammatical errors!
Picture from top to bottom:
Daniel Winnik, Daniel Carcillo, Dan Cleary, Carcillo, Carcillo Stretching

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