Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coyotes/Kings Rookie Games

For Tuesday’s game we took over section 104. We pounded on the glass, screamed, yelled, and cheered for our baby yotes. We were not very loved by the baby kings during warm-ups. Clune even went so far as to stick his tongue out at us.

We didn’t have much defense going for us Tuesday night. The kings came out very physical and shoving our guys around. It wasn’t until maybe the second period that we started pushing back. The kings were also a little dirty, throwing some elbows. They took a liking to Turris and every time he was on the ice he was being shoved like mad. He will definitely need an enforcer on a line with him in the NHL. If these rookies (who weren’t huge) can push him around, imagine what a full grown NHL man could do to him. Also, he needs to tighten the helmet. It wouldn’t stay on his head and was sliding around like crazy.

We ended up losing this game 2-1. Mucha was in goal and the talent level just isn’t there yet. He’s not bad; he’s just not quite there yet.

Part of the problem was the rookies acted like traffic in Phoenix. Everyone gathered together, not willing to spread out. The PP was looking pretty good. My only complaint is they need to shoot more. They waited far too long passing the puck before shooting.

Simmonds, Cliché and Clune were out for blood. Clune fought with someone Tuesday night and for the life of me I cannot remember who. At the end of the game, there was a “brawl”. Ahnelov even left the bench to join in. Ahnelov also got a nice hipcheck (my Ballard replacement?) on one of the kings, never saw it coming and sent him flying. Our guys needed to get a little rough with those kings. Johnson (here on amateur try-out) was a scrappy little guy. He also got our only goal of the night. He was easily the smallest guy out there but he battled anyone, he got into it at the end, and you could just tell he wants this.

Wednesday afternoon we sat behind the Coyotes bench. I had a pretty good view of Ulf’s head. During the second period there was a camera man taking pictures of Gretzky. I heard him say something about being from Vogue.

We came out a lot better today. We were ready for this. I’m thinking the nerves were gone. We were physical and Ahnelov had something out for Simmonds. If that boy was on the ice, Ahnelov was on the ice. Simmonds had to start watching his back after awhile. Ahnelov also threw down with Clune. Ahnelov had a look on his face by the end of the game like he was going to kill anyone who crossed his path.

All the boys looked much better today. Sullivan played today. I was pretty impressed with him. He tried to make a couple of hits and got a couple good ones in. Porter and Kolarik were on today. Last night I wasn’t too impressed with them but after today, wow. They are going to be a force. I don’t know if they will be with the Coyotes all season, but they will definitely get some call ups.

Staal needs to learn to use his reach. There were a couple of times where if he could have used his long arms and stick to grab the puck or poke it away. His arms were always bent and in close to his body.

Brodeur has become a much better skater since rookie camp. Ross seems to have gained a lot of confidence since last years training camp. Ahnelov isn’t afraid to hit, defend, fight etc. Zimmerman didn’t look too bad. He seemed to be throwing his big body around.

Well, I think that is it for now. I am sleepy after the last two days of hockey and can’t think anymore.

Coming up Saturday is the CoyotesFest at the job. It’s 11-3. I will be there to see how all the guys look in their scrimmages.

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