Tuesday, July 1, 2008

UFA Signings

Xtra910 had an interview with Maloney this afternoon after all the signings. So basically here is what was said:

Maloney stated that Fedoruk will probably average 10-12 minutes per game and he has speed and can skate well.

He emphasized Mikkel Boedker a lot. I have a feeling he will be with the big club this year. He also talked a lot about Porter being the top scorer in college hockey and how smart and fast he was.

He said the team will have a lot of skill and speed and the toughness will be vital to make sure that other teams don’t take advantage of our young guys.

He said come January/February/March he will look into replacing Vrbata if needed.

He is very happy for Weller who signed with the Wild. He said Weller wanted a one way contract and Maloney was only willing to offer a two-way.

Ross is currently in Tempe working on a professional training program. He is paying for that with his own money. Maloney said the coyotes are very excited about him but at 19 he is still very young to be a dman in the NHL. He said Ross will one day be in NHL player and his training camp this year will determine if he stays in Phoenix or goes back to his junior team.

Maloney stated that he is happy with the free agents they have signed and will continue to look for value for the blueline but will not be pursuing anyone. He said he is letting guys come to him and no guys over 33. He is looking to add skill and grit.

He was asked if Jokinen will get the A and Maloney said that is up to the Coach.

Ok, now I know Maloney didn’t promise us any elite signings, but I’m feeling a bit disappointed in what we did today. Sauer is supposed to be Bally’s replacement, but I see him more as Boynton’s. Ballard was used in a shut down roll last season and Boynton was definitely a stay at home dman (he had no choice, he was paired with Yandle). Sauer has also had a history of concussions. Great.

Fedoruk would not have been my first choice from the Wild. I would have gone with Rolston. I have never really been a fan of Fedoruk. He has gotten a lot of concussions and when he was with Dallas he tried to start fights with everyone but then failed miserable! We have Carcillo and McGrattan to fight and they can actually win.

Sounds like they wouldn’t give Vrbata 3 years (that’s what Tampa gave him, last I heard we were offering 2 years) but they give 4 to Sauer and 3 to Fedoruk? I just don’t get it. I’d rather have Vrbata then Fedoruk. I would rather have Weller than Fedoruk. Weller was a beast for us. Coyotes gave other players (Gratton, Bell etc) one ways last year and sent them to SA. Why not Weller? I wish him well, he was a great player.


Ms. Conduct said...

Give Fridge a chance. He's a more well rounded player than people give him credit for and seems to be a helluva teammate. We all expected his addition in Minny to be a trainwreck, but he was almost instantly a fan favorite. He knows how to protect his jacked up melon pretty well and you guys are stocked with pugilists similarly to the Wild (the enforcer, the agitator, and Fridge, who has to pick his spots but doesn't hesitate to protect a teammate and adds a ton of grit).

You guys didn't have any huge splashes today because you already nabbed your big fish in Jokinen. Seems to me you all are gonna be pretty scary this season! And you can bet I'll be watching now that you have my Fridge! :)

hipcheck said...

I will try to be opened minded, he is part of my team now! It may take a bit, but I will probably warm up to him. I just gotta see him in action some more.

We need d though. That trade left a huge gaping hole that Sauer doesn't quite fill. And Jones/Yandle aren't quite ready yet. (dear god, yandle makes bryz tremble in net!). None of our other guys are quite ready to step up, but when they are it will be amazing!