Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's turning out to be a sad day for me

Iget home and turn on the Caps game. Its tied. Then it ges to OT. Then the Caps get a penalty. Then the Flyers get a goal. NOOOOOO. Fuck. And those were the exact words out of my mouth.

So it's Flyers and Montreal (Go Montreal!)
and Rangers and Penguins (Go Rangers!)

And now currently I am watching the Flames/Sharks game and it was 2-2 and hten suddenly it's 5-2 Sharks. Flames pull Kipper and put in the great Cujo though! Go Cujo!!!

Looks like it will be Detroit and Colorado (Go Colorado!)
and Dallas and Sharks - unless of course Calgary bounces back (Go Dallas!)

I was looking through forcasters website and found this today:
BOOK OF DANIEL The poster boy for "old-time hockey" Daniel Carcillo had a goal and two minor penalties in the first period alone against the Dallas Stars Friday. The NHL leader in penalty minutes added a power play goal in the second period and an empty netter in the third. INTEL Despite being the polar opposite to his former style of play, Phoenix Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky loves Carcillo. With the ice time The Great One is giving him (nearly 13 minutes a game), the feisty winger will be the penalty minute king for years to come.

Also, Nashville extends the contract of all their coaches. It looks like they will try to resign Ellis and Suter. Although with 8 dmen, they may need to make a trade. I'll take Suter and give you Jovo. Straight up. Good thing I am not a GM. I would end up with all dmen and Goalies. And a couple of forwards.

Nothing new in rumors. Same old stuff floating around out there.

Well that's it for me today. It's been a long day.

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