Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Final Game: Coyotes at Ducks

Wow, what a game. The first period was held at 0-0. Bryz had an awesome first period. And second period. Apparently Carcillo wanted the hat trick again. His first goal came off the shot of Kyle Turris. So our newest youngster gets his first NHL point. Vrbata was really trying to get a goal but Carcillo ended up getting it.

We played hard but then seemed to sit back again in the third with our 2-0 lead. Bad idea. Ducks came back to tie it. The game went into OT. Damn jovo so freaking slow, anaheim almost got a goal on a break away. Mueller and Ballard both had a good chance. Just couldnt put it past Hiller. Turris had some good moves during OT. We had it in but the official waived it off, it went in after time ran out. So we have to go to a freaking shoot out. Even though we lost the shoot out, we got to see Turris score a sick goal. Man does that boy have skills! He is going to be gold for us in shoot outs. Him, Mueller and maybe Vrbata can be money for us in the future.

Interesting PP on which Carcillo got his first goal. No defensemen. 4 rookies. It was Mueller and Turris on the point. Vrbata, Carcillo, and I cant remember the fourth one.

With this game, we are in the 8th spot for the draft. Tomorrow Versus will air the draft lottery. I plan on watching, so I will update at that time.

Heres my predictions for the first round winners:
Detroit over Nashville (even though Im hoping nashville has the surprise upset, it wont happen)
I think Colorado will upset Minnesota.
San Jose will take Calgary
Anaheim and Dallas is a difficult one. I think Anaheim will ultimately win that one.

Canadiens will beat the Bruins
Ottawa over Pens
Im hoping for the upset, Caps over Flyers. I think the Caps have really come into their own
Im going Rangers over Devils. I just think NYR will take it. Plus Id like to see Sjo advance. :)

We'll see how I do. Cant wait for the playoffs to start. This time next year the coyotes will be in! I just know it.

And Carcillos going to get his 25 goals next year. And way less PIMs. Seems the refs have stopped giving him crap calls. finally.

Its going to be a long summer!

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