Saturday, December 22, 2007

I got a new toy...

And I had to play with it tonight at the game. This is Vrbata scoring on Luongo in theshoot out.

I took some pics of Pyatt during warm-ups. He's my favorite canuck. and he just happened to score the game winner. So, Im not so sure I like him anymore. totally kidding. I got some of Luongo warming up too.

Then it was to the upperbowl for the game (yah, im poor). I took some good pics. Some of the faces are a bit blurry when i tried to do too much zoom. But overall I am quite satisfied with my new camera.

I plan on getting some coyote warm up pics at the game on New Years Eve. I'm not sure if I will take any at the Wild or Wings games. Im also going to get some at the Nashiville game (Suter) and Ottawa (Emery, Spezza, Heatly)

But the first 2 periods tonight were pretty boring. No score for either team in those periods. there were, i feel, a few missed penalties on vancouver. and there was at least one yotes penalty that I dont think was deserved (god forbid i remember what one it was!)

The third period had vancouver score at about the 9 minute mark. At that point i heard some ass hole behind start yelling about how we cant win at home. dude, we have 9 minutes left, we can still win it. And we at least tied it. Z got his first goal of the year! Go Z! Jovo practically jumped into his arms and knocked him over.

OT was pretty boring and then it was the shootout. Vrbata scored for us (as you can see above) and Pyatt scored for Vancouver. I dont remember who the other person was that scored for Vancouver. I was like I like Pyatt, I just dont want him to score right now.

Overall, it was a good game. The teams were well-matched. I dont know what was going on after awhile. Both teams got real tired looking and sloppy. I figured the coyotes were tired from all the travel and it seems gretz had the flu last week, so maybe some of the guys were battling that. Also, they were short a forward, so instead of dressing Ziggy (who seems to be a healthy scratch) they decide to dress an extra dman. So we got forwards double shifting ALL night and musical dmen going on. The dman pairings were so fucked up tonight. I saw Jones on the bench, but I dont think he played. Ballard was with Morris and Z. Jovo was with Z, Boynton, Dmo, and Yandle at different points. Ballard checked his own teammate at one point. He totally whiffed on a pass but luckily the canucks couldnt gain control of the puck. At another point he was so out of position, Z had to cover his side and then they almost turned the puck over when they went to switch sides of the ice. Ballard had a BAD night. And not one hip check. I think the dmen were messed up by the 7th dman and not having the same partner and that was in turn reflecting on the forwards play too. Also, Im sure Carcillo was missed in the line up. He was at the game even though we thought he might not come in, seeing as hes probably on pain medicine and Im guessing he can't drive (it was his right knee).

Ok, well I am off to bed. I need to get up and clean tomorrow. Yah, loads of fun.


LeftWingLock said...

I looked at the stats and Jones played about 6 minutes. Bally, Z, DMo and Jovo all played 20+ minutes. Vrbata and Doan each played about 24 minutes.

Ok, why dress a 7th defenseman if you aren't going to let him play? I was getting very sick of the lousy musical d-men game tonight. And why not dress Ziggy and stop killing your other forwards? Vrbata had 31 shifts in that game! Ziggy took the warm-up, why didn't he play? Being near the top of the NHL's face-off standings not enough of a reason to use him in a game?

Ok, enough speculation, I'm too tired. The one thing I am very sure about is that Hipcheck's camera totally rocks. Awesome pictures!!

hipcheck said...

i dont know what gretzky was thinking, but it didnt work.

you cant fill carcillo's spot by dressing an extra dman (esp when that dman is jones). and the whole thing about not messing with chemistry, you did. i think double shifting and dressing 7 dmen messed with the chemistry.

im starting to wonder if youre right and theres something up with ziggy. i dont think hes played for 2 weeks. and even sjo got to play every few games when he was the healthy scratch.

they either need to dress ziggy, or call someone up. if you want someone similar to carcillo, call up Vandermeer, although not as skilled (3 assists) he has 156 PIMSs. Or Grats. Neither of these guys have the same skill level as Carcillo but they bring that toughness. If you want skill and no toughness bring up Lisin (although hes a RW) and for LW theres David Spina, hes been working hard down in SA. Both those guys deserve a look at this season too. Im not sure that Lisin has rounded out his game yet (from what ive read). and Spina is so small.

GP G A P +/- PIMs
Lisin's stats:
28 11 11 22 7 12

29 5 11 16 9 10

30 10 10 20 4 18

20 4 2 6 -1 76

Everyone else on the Rampage seems more like career AHLers or they are good in the AHL but not ready to make the jump (in my opinion)

Gratton would be subject to re-entry waivers, unless we can dress less than 12 forwards (but that means Weller and Ziggy would need to go on IR). I believe the rest of them arent subject to re-entry. Thomas will once he playe slike 60-some more nhl games. (i think im finally starting to understand waivers.. haha)