Friday, December 28, 2007


Ok, so the wild beat us 3-2. It was a game we could have won. All 3 goals came on Wild PP. Our penalty kill is desperatly missing Ziggy. He wont be at the game tomorrow night due to the death of his grandfather. My thoughts will be with him.

Anyway, back to the game. We are missing Weller and Carcillo. We have no one to stand in front of the net and get the rebounds/screen the goalie. Doan and Sjo will sometimes do that, but not always. No one was crashing the net. Thats why with 48 SOG we only got 2 in. The energy also has seemed off these last couple games. I dont know if thats because Carcillo's out or we are at home or what.

Ok, so what the hell is Jovo doing playing 1:45 of a PP when everyone else has changed lines twice. And he kept turning over the puck. Damn Jovo. He cant keep the puck in. Why Gretz keeps giving him PP time is beyond me.

I think our PK is missing Ziggy. And our face-offs too. Our other guys just arent as good. I think hanzal is too tall to take the faces offs.

Doan reached his 500th point with the assist on Lisin's goal. Congrats to him!

Quote of the day:
“He’s playing well, and he’s skating,” said Gretzky. “When you’re skating and not turning pucks over and not giving pucks away, you’re going to play.”
(This apparently does not apply to Jovo)

Damn Jovo is my friends and I new catchphrase. It started out just when Jovo would mess up and its just grown from there. Look for it to be showing up in this blog from time to time.


LeftWingLock said...

Damn Straight...I mean Damn Jovo!

Why he stayed out so long on that PP was beyond me. And what did he do right before he finally went off? He missed the puck and it went sailing down to the wrong end of the ice. I wonder if he is white/blue color blind and just doesn't know where the line is. And don't even get me started on what he does with the puck around our own goal. I'm glad Bryz has it figured out and guards the net well when he's around. And last but not least, why is his face plastered all over stuff in the Den? Damn Jovo...

I'm sorry for Ziggy. It's hard to lose someone around the holidays. In a way I hope this was the reason he wasn't playing recently and that he will be back on the ice soon. We do miss him on the PK, he worked well with Tjarnqvist.

LeftWingLock said...

A little off topic, but the Ballard picture is of a Wild player getting dumped...I just noticed Telly has his glove up in front of his face like he is scared to look. Hee!!

hipcheck said...

his face is plastered on everything because they are trying to make up for his huge salary. they figure if we have to pay him 6.5 million, maybe we can make some money off his image.

colorblind? i doubt it. he plays better on the road. unless all other arenas use a different kind of paint he can detect.

hopefully ziggy will be back by thursdays game. he is missed on the faceoff. especially during the PP.

hipcheck said...

thats why i picked that picture. i liked telly in the background! like "oh no another hipcheck, but why does he have to do it right in front of me?"

LeftWingLock said...

I can see it now: a big clearance rack of JovoCrap once his contract is up and he's gone. Just like the basket of Tyson Nash pucks and the Wilson and Suchy autographed sticks. He will forever live on in the Den...