Monday, December 17, 2007

Bunch of Crap thats been on my mind lately...

I might be a bit of a homer (im not gonna lie, i love my coyotes) but this quote was totally unnecessary:
"I'd rather coach against a Wayne Gretzky team than coach against a team he's playing for." - Ted Nolan, New York Islanders coach
Wayne has been doing a lot better this year than years previous. And that game ended up being fairly close, but the Islanders got a little dirty. Especially DiPietro. And he used to be one of my favorite goalies. That scrum at the end (and the penalties dealt) was totally one sided. Jovo had 4 Islanders on him, including DiPietro who earlier punched Boynton and then Doan, twice.

In other goalies news, Cujo may be coming back! I love Cujo. Im a little disappointed that the rumors have him going to the Pens. I was so not impressed with them December 3. Armstrong is a complete joke. Gets caught by a Ballard hip check, so he trys (key word: trys) to fight Ballard. Ballards a solid guy and a pretty good fighter. Ballard dominated that fight. Then later in the game, Ballard barely touches him and he goes diving to the ice. Yah, he did that a couple times. And Crosby's whining? Dude, your the captain, step up and be a man. So, basically glad Cujo could come back but wish hed go somewhere else. Lots of teams need goalie help.

I think Chris Simon should be suspended forever, not allowed back in the NHL. His 25 game suspension last season obviously didnt teach him a lesson. I read this about his skate stomping: "Upon further review, it appeared Simon positioned Ruutu's leg before the stomp, which suggests this violent act was calculated." And the replay I saw, it looked like he did it on purpose. Totally uncalled for. And for him to do something this low twice is complete bull shit. Suspend his ass. He's just going to keep doing this kind of crap. Its not needed and its what gives the NHL a bad name.

I think thats it for now. I may post a rant/ramble about the refs so far this season at some point. And about the point for losing in OT.

Oh and I will leave you with a line that made me laugh. Its Wayne Gretzky on why they are scoring more:
"Maybe they're eating a lot of carrots," Gretzky said before breaking out in laughter. "Better eyesight."

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